Video VisitsVideo Visits Improve the Patient Experience

Following up with patients after they’ve left the hospital has been proven to be an essential part of reducing readmissions. Remote monitoring is a key piece of that puzzle to take your post-hospital care to the next level with video visits. Your healthcare team can interact face-to-face with patients which only serves to facilitate a deeper level of care and better outcomes for the organization and the patient.

Video Visits from Reconnect4Health

  • Track patient progress in real time
  • Connect with patients at a deeper level
  • Improve patient outcomes and drive money to your bottom line

Video Visits as a Chronic Care Management and Remote Monitoring Tool

Reconnect4Health is the first company to provide a single, HIPAA compliant platform for remote monitoring, chronic care management and video visits. The combination of these tools enable organizations to not only save money on reducing the number of readmissions but capture additional revenue using the new CPT code 99490–all from one user-friendly platform.

Simplicity of Video Visits Improves ROI

We offer a low-effort approach to implementing our entire platform within your organization. Our professional team will manage all of the background information, create the customized solution you require and train all necessary staff within 30-45 days of signing your contract. This simple and efficient implementation period takes the pressure off of you.

Video Visits Benefit Our Patients