Our Mission

With decades of industry leading experience in remote healthcare management at the organizational and patient level, Reconnect4Health is deeply committed to providing a fully functional high-quality remote care solution to the health care industry.

Our hyper-focus on patient care is demonstrated through the design, implementation and distribution of the first HIPAA compliant single platform for remote monitoring, chronic care management and video visits.


Who We Are

With over 90 years of combined experience as healthcare professionals and 19 years of experience in remote patient monitoring, the team at Reconnect4Health adopted a Patient-Care First model when initially developing their service offerings. It’s this focus on delivering unparalleled care to patients outside of their regular appointments or hospital stays that deliver unprecedented results.

The Reconnect4Health Advantage

  • First HIPAA compliant platform to integrate:
    • Remote Monitoring
    • Chronic Care Management
    • Video Visits
  • Save money by reducing readmissions with remote monitoring
  • Open a new revenue channel with chronic care management
  • Connect with patients on a deeper level through video visits to provide better outcomes
  • Rapid deployment/integration for fast ROI

Seeing the need to help larger organizations affect more meaningful change in patients who were recently discharged from the hospital or chronic care patients who require more personal contact, Reconnect4Health has created the nation’s first HIPAA compliant platform that integrates remote monitoring, chronic care management, and video visits in one easy to use interface. This innovation in off-site patient care not only provides the patient with a better quality of care, it drives more money to your bottom line by reducing readmissions and allowing you to create revenue with the new CPT code 99490.


Executive Director

Bonnie Perry Britton, MSN, RN, ATAF

Bonnie is recognized as a Telehealth pioneer and expert. She has dedicated the past 19 years of her career as a nurse, advancing the adoption and implementation of Telehealth both nationally and internationally. Bonnie was the 13th inductee into the American Telemedicine Association’s College of Fellows in 2010. Bonnie is a previous American Telemedicine Association (ATA) Board Member, chaired the ATA Home Telehealth SIG, chaired the ATA Home Telehealth Clinical Guideline Development Committee, co-chaired the ATA Home Telehealth Satisfaction Item Bank, member of the ATA Policy Committee, Awards Committee and Nominating Committee. She currently serves as a Board Advisor and Consultant for the Mid-Atlantic Telehealth Resource Center (MATRC).

Bonnie has provided expertise to the United Nations Human Settlement Programme, the Ontario Telehomecare Project, Continua Health Alliance: Blueprint for ACA Pilots in Washington, DC, and the Senate Sub-committee for Health, Education, Labor and Pensions in Washington, DC. She has presented at numerous industry conferences, roundtables, and summits. Bonnie has published a variety of articles and written over 20 successful grant applications.

Under Bonnie’s leadership, Vidant Health implemented a post discharge remote patient monitoring program at 7 hospitals. In 2 years, the health system experienced a 67% reduction in hospitalizations and a 68% reduction in bed days. Prior to this Bonnie implemented the first Remote Patient Monitoring program at a Federally Qualified Health Center which in 5 years demonstrated statistically significant reductions in hospitalizations and bed days. Bonnie has extensive experience consulting with various organizations. Through her work with MATRAC, she has provided successful consultation services to University of Pittsburg Medical Center, Sentara Health System, Broadaxe, DaVita Dialysis, Leigh Valley Health System, BasisHealth, The Center for Telemedicine Law, and Alliance Coal Health Plan.