Remote MonitoringRemote Monitoring Cost Savings

The changes in healthcare laws have put extra pressure on healthcare organizations like yours to reduce readmissions. Numerous studies have shown that by simply monitoring patients for the first 90 days after their discharge can reduce readmission rates by as much as 76%. By reducing these readmissions, you can maximize your insurance reimbursements without additional expenses necessary for treating a patient after they’ve been readmitted. This money goes right back into your bottom line, and your patients can experience better outcomes after their stay.

Remote Monitoring from Reconnect4Health

  • Reduce readmissions by at least 76%
  • Rapid implementation for immediate cost savings
  • Caring & professional staff for better outcomes

Remote Monitoring Improves Cash Flow

Reconnect4Health offers a hassle-free platform and fast implementation to begin saving money on reduced readmissions immediately. To start generating positive cash-flow as soon as possible, we build conceptual models and clinical workflows based off of your organization’s practices, provide management and ROI analysis and use the data we’ve collected to create the customized platform that your organization will be familiar with. The clinical implementation plan and the platform will be custom tailored to your organization to implement your program within a 30 to 45 day period.

Our Remote Monitoring Registered Nurses

To reduce the need for additional staffing, Reconnect4Health can provide remote monitoring services for your organization by our reliable staff of registered nurses. Having a team of experienced nurses ready to follow up with your patients will provide better outcomes for both your organization and your patients. Using the SEE-FEEL-CHANGE methodology, our nursing staff do not simply check-in, they take a vested interest in the care of your patients to ensure they are following their recovery plan and becoming more engaged in their health.

The combination of our responsive healthcare staff, remote patient monitoring expertise and our single-sign-on platform helps to maximize the effectiveness of the program and is what will save your organization the greatest amount of money by reducing unnecessary readmissions.

Reconnect4Health Patients Benefit from Remote Monitoring