Working Together for Meaningful Change

At Reconnect4Health, we believe in working together with healthcare organizations to help affect more meaningful change in patients who require more sophisticated remote care. With this in mind, we proudly offer consultation services to organizations who are looking to improve their processes, decrease expenses, reduce readmissions and create additional revenue.

We have the nation’s first HIPAA compliant platform that integrates remote monitoring, chronic care management and video visits into one simple to use interface, and we can create customized executable plans that are based around your current workflow and processes.

Reconnect4Health Service

  • Produce entire executable plans based on current workflows
  • Provide full-service execution and follow-through or support only
  • On-the-ground implementation and staff training

Integrating these three services into one HIPAA compliant platform is indeed groundbreaking, but it’s our decades of healthcare experience that really make the difference. Working years in healthcare has given us a unique perspective on patient follow-up, and it’s through our dedication to providing unmatched patient care that delivers our exceptional results.

Through our program, other health systems have seen a reduction in readmissions by up to 76% within the first year of implementing the program. Additionally, having trained staff available to contact remote monitoring patients improves patient experience and outcomes.

We are patient-first healthcare professionals who developed a program to help care for patients at a deeper level. This focus has generated greater outcomes with patients and can deliver a significant impact to your organization’s bottom line.